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The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive

Over the last 12 months, more than 33,500* rescue dogs were listed on the PetRescue website - big dogs, small dogs and everything in between - all in need of a home and family to love.

Since 2008 PEDIGREE® has led an initiative called PEDIGREE Adoption Drive, in partnership with PetRescue, helping thousands of dogs find loving homes by raising awareness of the plight of rescue dogs.

With a firm belief that every dog deserves a home, PEDIGREE® has become a champion of dog adoption and is steadfastly committed to making the world a better place for all pets.

This year, the campaign celebrates the joy that adopting a dog can bring to people's lives. A new TV commercial, featuring one of PetRescue's own dogs – Lilly and owner Sam – will go to air this week to launch this year’s efforts. PEDIGREE Adoption Drive also raises money and food donations to support the lives of homeless dogs whilst they wait to find their forever homes.

To learn more about this important campaign and the heart-warming story of Lilly and Sam Click Here

* PetRescue annual report 2012/12

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Support PEDIGREE Adoption Drive™ today. PEDIGREE Adoption Drive™ is a global initiative which focuses on feeding, donation and dog re-homing programs around the world.

Adoption Success Stories

Dog adoption success stories are what we strive for. Read inside some of our dog adoption success stories.