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1. I can't hear the sounds.

Ensure you have your sound turned on and your volume up on the side of your iPhone.


2. My photos are too underexposed.

Since DogSelfie uses your phone’s flash, it’s best to use it in well lit spaces, ideally outdoors. You also have the option to turn the flash off in the settings.


3. My dog doesn't react to the sounds or flashing.

Just as not all humans are ticklish, not all dogs will react to audio and visual cues. If there's another sound you think would get your dog looking, please tell us on the Pedigree Australia Facebook page.


3. The app is slow.

You might have too many apps open, which takes your phone’s processing power away from the camera. Close all unnecessary apps by double-clicking the phone button, flick the the ones you want to close upwards, restart your phone and try again.


4. The app won't share to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

DogSelfie talks to these third party apps if they are on your phone and you have valid accounts. Sometimes these apps change and have their own quirks. Ensure you have the most recent versions updated, your accounts registered, and try to share again.


5. Is there another way I can share my photos outside of DogSelfie?

Yes, as soon as you start using the app it creates a folder called DogSelfie in your photo library. You can simply access and share any photos from there.


6. Will the DogSelfie app be made available on Android phones?

Sorry, just iOS at the moment, but if we get enough requests we will consider it.


7. The app doesn’t work on my iPad.

Sorry, right now the app is only available on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, but we are taking on board feedback for any future updates.