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  1. This campaign begins on 14 April 2016 and ends when the total donation amount of $AUD20,000.00 is reached, though these terms and conditions will continue to apply to any posts made using #HeartsAligned on the Pedigree Australia Facebook page, and to any likes of, or tagging of friends, in relation to content or posts containing #HeartsAligned or associated with the campaign after this date. For avoidance of doubt, the donation amount is capped at $AUD20,000.00.
  2. This campaign is in respect of Australia only. The campaign is not a competition or giveaway or an appeal for public funds.
  3. Mars, Incorporated branded as Pedigree (Pedigree, we, us, our) will donate $AUD1.00 to PetRescue Ltd (ACN 123 057 536) (PetRescue) where an individual (you) posts on their Facebook page any comment:

    (a)  that contains the hashtag “HeartsAligned” (or any variation of those two words, using alphabet letters only);

    (b)  on Facebook, within the comments of the original Pedigree post/s and those using the #HeartsAligned handle posted on Pedigree’s official Facebook site; and

    (c)  that complies with these terms and other instructions provided by Pedigree within the post/s.

  4. Pedigree will donate $AUD1.00 to PetRescue where you like a post made by Pedigree:

    (a)  on Facebook, that contains the hashtag #HeartsAligned; and

    (b)  that complies with these terms and other instructions provided by Pedigree within the post/s.

  5. Pedigree will donate $AUD2.00 to PetRescue where you tag a friend in a post by Pedigree:

    (a)  on Facebook, within the comments of any Pedigree post/s that contains the hashtag #HeartsAligned; and

    (b)  that complies with these terms and other instructions provided by Pedigree within the post/s.

  6. The actions in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 above will be undertaken until the capped donation amount ($20,000.00) is reached.
  7. Pedigree is only obliged to make one donation per individual who makes a valid post, like or tag, regardless of the total number of posts, likes or tags made by the individual.
  8. Pedigree (or its agents) may, in their sole discretion, disqualify posts made by a person or machine who tampers or attempts to tamper with, acts in violation of these terms and conditions, acts in a disruptive manner or acts with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person or in violation of third party intellectual property and privacy laws
  9. Please be respectful and supportive of your fellow contributors. Racist, harassing, abusive or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated. Content of this nature may be deleted or otherwise moderated at our discretion. This also applies to strong language and content we believe is unsuitable for those under 18.
  10. Be mindful not to publicly share any information that you would feel uncomfortable with everyone knowing. For those under 18, speak with your parents or an adult you trust.
  11. Make sure you own the intellectual property in anything you upload or have the necessary consents to upload it.
  12. Posts made using #HeartsAligned do not necessarily endorse the views of Pedigree, its agents or their respective personnel and no liability can be assumed for posts made in violation of the various laws that may apply, though we will use reasonable endeavours to moderate the posts reasonably discoverable by us and to respond to any complaints.
  13. If you feel that any contribution to this campaign offends these guidelines please contact us at http://www.pedigree.com.au/contact-us/  and we will do our best to investigate and take the action we feel is appropriate.
  14. We are only interested in contributions from real humans. No trolls or spam are allowed, and these entries will not be considered valid.
  15. Finally, you should also be aware of the terms of the social media site in which you are uploading your #HeartsAligned content, and that we have no control over the operation of these platforms.