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How To Prepare For a Foster Puppy

How To Prepare For a Foster Puppy

Foster parents play a really important role in the rehoming of dogs, especially when puppies are involved. Animal shelters in Australia are often incredibly busy and it’s not always easy to find suitable adopters quickly.

By fostering puppies, you can provide them with the love, care, and attention they need during their early development, until they have a loving forever home to go to. But there are a few things you need to plan and prepare for, before taking a foster puppy under your wing.


Puppy-proof your home

For starters, you’ll need to get your home ready for a new little furry roommate. Puppies love to explore the world via their mouths, so this is definitely something to keep in mind. Plus you’ll also have to suss out any potential escape routes and risks.

Indoor considerations

In those early months, puppies will get their paws and teeth on just about anything, so the first step of puppy proofing your home is checking for potential hazards. Move electrical cords out of reach and keep things like human foods, cleaning supplies, and medications in high up cupboards. You’ll also want to store away any smaller items that could pose a choking risk and identify any poisonous houseplants that will need to be moved. If you have stairs in your home, it’s wise to place safety gates at the top to prevent your foster puppy from falling down them. They’re delicate at this young age, so a fall could lead to a nasty injury!

Outdoor considerations

Securing your garden should be a top priority before welcoming a puppy into your home, as they’ll take any opportunity to explore new territories! Check your fencing to make sure there aren’t any holes, loose panels, or gaps underneath, and block off any potential escape routes you discover. If there are any toxic plants in your garden, place secure fencing around them or remove them altogether. And if you keep bins outside, make sure they’re lidded and secured to avoid the pup eating anything they shouldn’t.

Supplies you'll need

The next step in preparing for your foster puppy is making sure you have everything they’ll need to feel at home. Most foster organisations will provide you with some of, if not all, the essentials, including food, bowls, bedding and toys. Some also cover initial medical expenses, such as vet checks, and worming and flea treatments. Ask the organisation you are fostering your puppy through for a list of what you’ll need to get yourself.


The organisation you’re fostering your puppy through will be able to let you know what they’ve been eating and advise you on their dietary requirements. They may even provide you with a supply of food, or cover the cost of buying some. These arrangements will vary between different organisations and are worth clarifying up front.


As mentioned, it’s possible your foster pup will arrive with a toy or two, but it’s always nice to have a welcome gift there waiting for them. Before you go overboard and buy lots of toys, get to know their personality and what they like to play with. If a soft toy barely lasts a day before losing its stuffing, perhaps opt for something more durable like a soft rubber chew toy. These are great for soothing your pup’s sore mouths when they’re [teething], just be sure to select toys that are gentle on their teeth, if you can’t indent it with your thumbnail, it’s probably too tough for their teeth.

Have veterinary arrangements

The cost of veterinary care, such as vaccinations, will generally be covered by the organisation you’re fostering your puppy through. For this reason, many organisations look for foster homes local to where the puppy has been staying, so they can continue receiving care at the shelter itself or at an affiliated vet practice. If this isn’t the case, it’s important to have some sort of veterinary plan in place, so your pup can continue their routine vaccinations and get any care they may need. Discuss this thoroughly with the fostering organisation beforehand, so you have all the necessary information. Fostering a puppy is a really special and rewarding thing to do, but it’s important you’re fully prepared. Make sure you do plenty of research and get all the necessary information from your fostering organisation before you commit to the arrangement. Check out the [PEDIGREE Help Hub] for more advice on fostering or adopting a dog, as well as lots of handy tips on training and caring for them.


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