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Dog Adoption Success Stories

Labrador puppies
Nothing tells the world that adopted dogs make great pets better than the thousands of families who've already welcomed one into their home. Check out some of their stories.
Bernie's Story

It was not hard for Bernie to settle into the family! He’s part of our everyday routine, whether it’s hiking, half marathon training or just coffee on a Saturday morning. He’s just completes the picture! What we love most about Bernie is his absolute love of life! He has this amazing energy and zest for life that is infectious. He makes everyday a great day and always reminds us to appreciate the simple things in life.

Roy's Story

The best thing about Roy is when she sits on your knee (she thinks she is a lap dog) and when you stop patting her she taps your hand with her paw as a gentle reminder to keep patting. She brought many, many laughs into our home – she has so much character and she simply rules the roost at our house!

Kramer's Story

Kramer was most likely a breeding dog at a puppy farm, and was dumped after displaying worsening signs of syringomyelia (a condition common to cavaliers). He was found peering at her rescuer from behind a rock. He had dug a small hole next to the rock and was huddling for warmth. He is now the most loyal and affectionate dog in the world! It is so satisfying to see a dog that has gone from ‘un-homeable’ to ‘normal’. Kramer has so many cute traits! He watches TV and will bark at any animal, including cartoon animals! He is a loud snorer and sometimes has to be moved to a separate room. If we put him outside, he will knock on the door when he is ready to come back in.

Ruby's Story

My dog’s name is Ruby. She's a Jack Russel adopted her from Albury/Wodonga – she was found walking down a highway with her puppy. What motivated me to adopt was that we wanted to give a rescue dog a good home - It was something we always wanted to do. Plus, we wanted an adult dog so we wouldn't have to go through toilet training again! She is now a part of our family - she has her own basket, toys and a winter jacket with her name sewn into it. We've taught her new tricks and just given her lots of TLC – to improve her confidence. Now, she brings out her 'squeaky toys' when we're watching TV so all the attention is on her. And she loves being nursed and having her tummy patted. We also have cats and she thinks she's one of them – she's not scared of curling up next to them.

Xuzu's Story

My Pup's Xuzu (pronounced Zuzu)! My boyfriend really wanted a pug, but we agreed there are too many homeless dogs to even think about getting one from a breeder. It took a bit of research but we found a pug adoption home. They take in pugs that have been mistreated by their breeders and try to find a new home for them where they’ll be loved. At first she was quite timid, but we took her for lots of walks, gave her lots of love and attention and she was ‘ours’ in no time. She’s very loving for a dog that was abused, she just needed a chance. Adopting Xuzu brought everyone closer together. We started going on walks together and buying cute toys for her. Friends came round to see her. She simply made us all more happy. Funny fact? She twitches her nose when you scratch her back leg and pumpkin is her favourite food.

Tiger's Story

My second dog is Tiger. I really adopted her by chance. We were in a town on holiday and she was the last puppy left with the mother not adopted. The owners of the mother didn’t want to keep her, and us kids convinced our parents to let us keep her. We drove her home to Sydney with us. The most important thing about Tiger is knowing that when you don’t feel like talking to anyone, you still want your dog next to you. She’s an awesome friend and heaps of fun to play with. Oh, did I mention she is an escape artist. She can get out of anywhere, blind in one eye but that didn’t seem to affect her at all.

Dashi's Story

Dashi is our first rescue. We have two daughters and we call Dashi ' the son we will never have'; he's our third child. I had terrible post natal depression at the time we were looking at Dashi and everyone told me not to take on a pup as it would be more work and make things harder, but I just felt a connection to him and had to have him! He provided the perfect distraction and unconditional love and cuddles and helped me so much!! He sighs very loudly when asked to do something he doesn't want to do, like get off the lounge or go to bed. He also loves jumping on the trampoline (and eating it). We love running through the bush and enjoying cuddles on the lounge. Dashi has also helped me make some great friends in the rescue world and they have opened my eyes to how much can and needs to be done to help all these dogs.

Kenny, Maggie and Lizzie's Story

We have three dogs Kenny, Maggie & Lizzie- a three dog family! We found our first dog Kenny on PetRescue via a Best Friends Rescue Listing. We searched for our second dog Maggie on PetRescue and again for our third dog Lizzie. Maggie & Lizzie were listed on PetRescue by the Qld RSPCA. We used to be a two cat (also Rescues) household . . . neither of us had ever had a dog (even growing up), so we were very new to all this! We decided that a dog would be great for us and our lifestyle as we like to walk and spend time outside. Having decided to become a dog household, we decided to go for a rescue dog for the same reason we went for rescue cats, there are so many animals needing homes and it was a way to help out. Having dogs has been one of the best things we have ever done. We now have different holidays (so the dogs can join us) and we do so many new things on weekends! Our once stylish home now has doggie beds and toys all over it! Having rescue dogs who are so happy all the time has brought a happy and positive element to our lives – there is always something to do when you have three active dogs! I know it is a hard thing to prove and I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it seems like rescue dogs are just so happy to be in a loving home that they show it!

Yasmin's Story

We saw Yasmin on PetRescue and then adopted him from YP Puppy Rescue. It seemed only logical to get a dog that desperately needed a home. They are no different to the dogs that are sold anywhere else. Also I know that they are fully vet checked, micro-chipped and de-sexed. You know exactly what you are getting. And the dog is so full of love and excitement to be adopted. I wish I could adopt them all! Yasmin goes for walks, sits on my daughter's lap (my daughter is in a wheelchair as a result of cancer) and goes for little rides around the house. She also likes to go out for car rides and to check out everyone who visits the house. She is a loud snorer and creeps onto my bed when I'm asleep and when I wake I find her on top of me asleep. She's a funny little thing who is so very very affectionate, loving cuddles and rubs. She communicates with us in her own little way and cheers us up when we need it and gives us a laugh with her cheeky nature. She is great company to our other dog Jackie (also a rescue) when our daughter is in hospital and we go out to visit. They are great together and give us lots of joy and a happy reason to go home again after visiting hospital. We call her waggle bum because when she's happy, proud of herself or excited she prances like a pony with her whole bottom and tail waggling. She always has to kiss us, and she jumps from the floor and into my arms to get those kisses on the face. She is also incredibly obedient, always following our commands.

Rocky's Story

Our gorgeous adopted boy is called Rocky. This is our first rescue (and it certainly won’t be our last). He is six year old ACD or Blue Heeler. We also call him Rock star or Boofhead! He leads with his head, when he wants a pat, that’s why we call him Boofhead. We volunteer for AWDRI (Australian Working Dog Rescue) and after we lost our cocker spaniel to cancer in December, we decided to fill the gap by fostering dogs. Over the last few years we have become increasingly aware of the plight of the puppy farm dogs and the selling of companion animals. Rocky has added another dimension to our family and has opened up a whole new network of friends, through PetRescue and AWDRI. He is smart and playful, active and inquisitive, very different from the spaniels I have always had. I am active and Rocky keeps me company when I go running and keeps me safe (even though he would lick you to death rather than do anything else). He has made the whole family more active! He is the best dog anyone could ask for. He goes from strength to strength each day. Getting healthier and healthier and growing more and more confident. It is amazing to watch him change from a skinny, dirty and frighted dog, into a happy, healthy and confident dog, who now doesn’t shake at the slight loud noise, or worry that someone will hit him if he does something wrong. When we look at Rocky, all we want for him is for him to have the life he deserves and should always have had! We want Rocky to feel loved and secure for the rest of his life. We noticed that when he first arrived he did not wag his tail…now it doesn’t stop!

Scout's Story

We adopted Scout from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (one of the many rescue groups that list on PetRescue) all the way back in 2005, so we’ve had him for eight wonderful years now. He was about five months old when we got him (so we got to skip the toilet training which was a bonus). It simply never occurred to me not to get a rescue dog! I knew that there were so many fabulous rescue dogs ready and waiting for a new home, and that it wouldn’t take long to find our perfect match. And there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve saved a life. Scout has brought countless moments of love and laughter to our lives – he is such a special part of our family. His zest for life is utterly contagious – and no matter how bad a day you’ve had, you can’t help but laugh when you see him running around like a goofball. He is super smart and incredibly loyal, not to mention the best doorbell you could ever have. He’s a great personal trainer and gets full credit for getting us off the couch and out and about. He loves us, we love him, and who couldn’t do with a little more love in their lives? Scout is an absolute treasure of a dog and I’m so glad we found each other – I can’t imagine life without him!

Becky's Story

We saw Becky on PetRescue and picked her up from Safe Avon Valley in Northam. I already have a wild cat that I have tamed, and she is one of the most beautiful animals I could ask for. I knew that adopting a rescue pet was the way to go. I woke up on a Saturday morning and, as I’m very intuitive, I could energetically feel a little dog in the house. I got onto the Pet Rescue website and in a few moments I saw the picture of Becky and knew she was the one. It was love at first sight. I wasted no time, and went straight to Northam to pick her up. She was very happy to see me. Becky has fitted right in. My son absolutely adores her to bits. Becky has given us so much love and cuddles. She’s not just an animal to us, but a beautiful soul and friend. She’s a great guard dog too, even though she’s tiny, she’s very protective. I feel safe with her around. She’s like my side kick. There’s so many cute things about her- even that she snores and the little noises she makes when she’s feeling totally snug under the blankets with you- that to her is paradise. The thing that Becky and I love most is taking walks and running- she is such a fast sprinter. I think she feels very free when she can have a run in the park or beach. Rescue dogs are awesome. Some of them have special needs, that it takes a bit of extra sensitivity and compassion, but those are beautiful traits for us to develop. We trialled Becky to make sure she could fit in with us, and I feel we just couldn’t loose in that situation. We couldn’t imagine life without her!

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie was adopted from PetRescue. We waited patiently for her for over 18 months, checking Pet Rescue regularly for just the right dog! Bonnie is every bit a part of our family. She sleeps at the foot of our bed, watches TV on the couch and in 18 months we have not missed one morning walk together - rail, hail or shine. Bonnie’s best trait is her unconditional love. The 10 seconds when we first get home are the best part of the day!

Max's Story

Max came from the RSPCA in Wangaratta. I was looking for another animal after my adopted cat died and started looking at dogs. I knew instantly the moment I saw Max that he was coming home with me. Max had some problems with separation anxiety when I first got him so he needed a routine to make him feel better. I find the company of having Max in my life the best thing, having someone greet you with a happy face every day when you get home makes me smile. Plus he makes me exercise a lot more.

Dakoda's Story

Dakoda was adopted from the Albury Pound where he had been left by a previous owner. Dakoda came into my life when I saw his photo up on the pound site and realised his two weeks was up that day. Dakoda was grateful to get out of the pound. We love going for long walks together especially down at Oddies creek where he can jump into the water to cool off in summer. Dakoda is nearly 11 and I would highly recommend adopting an older dog.

Remi's Story

Remi came from Wodonga dog rescue. There are so many lovely dogs in shelters and we wanted to give one a second chance and make him or her part of our family. She brought a lot of affection into the house. She also takes care of our cat, in fact she takes care of the whole family and she loves it when we are all together. My favourite thing to do together is to go for evening runs - Remi loves to sprint when she is almost at home. We couldn't have chosen a sweeter or more adorable dog! She is the perfect match for our family.

Mocha's Story

Mocha was adopted from the 2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive held in Wodonga. I saw her picture on the Website from Albury Dog Rescue and I had been following her hoping that she would be one of the puppies that they bought into the MARS Pet office for the launch. I made a promise to myself that I would adopt her if she came in. Mocha is the 4th child in our household and is involved in all family outings, holidays and everyday life. I like to take her for walks and letting her swim in the creek behind us as she just loves the water. I also enjoy my quiet time at night when she normally sleeps at my feet when I watch TV. The best thing Mocha has bought to our lives is love. We could not imagine our family without her. I love my dog, she has made our family complete.

Kelly's Story

Kelly was adopted from Albury Dog Rescue approximately 6 years ago and now she’s part of the family! Kelly has her own basket in the lounge room; she comes inside whenever I am home. I have installed a dog door on the security door and covered that door with Perspex so in winter it can stay open at night allowing her to come in and out. Kelly is my running buddy – all my improvements in speed and distance she has been part of. We have taken that journey together. Recently we have also expanded out to walking, which I think she enjoys much more because she has the time to explore. Kelly reminds me ‘be child like’ and do what you want - as she takes a dip in the cold Murray river pretty much every day of the year (regardless of whether it’s a cold frosty winter’s morning). Life wouldn’t be the same without Kelly in it.

Russell's Story

Russell was adopted 3 ½ years ago from Albury/Wodonga dog rescue. Russell was easy to make a part of the family as he just wanted a warm bed, a regular meal and lots of love. Russell is a man’s man and loves going out motorbike riding and camping but he is also very careful around my two little girls. Our only complaint is the whipping of his tail when he is excited! Russell has given me a new perspective. Sometimes when I race out to put washing on the line or grab a shoe left on the trampoline Russell drives me crazy for a quick pat or a chat. Then I realise that he just wants 5 minutes of my time and it means the world to him. Russell makes me understand that life should never be that busy that you can’t give your pet a pat!

Amber's Story

Amber was adopted from Charmhaven Animal Care Facility in NSW almost 3 years ago. Amber is a big part of our lives; we walk together as a family twice a day and spend most of the weekends together at the beach or park. Amber has changed my life. She brings me love, companionship and calmness and has brought out the best out in me. I love her so much and I can’t imagine life without her. Amber was “dog of the week” for one last chance of adoption. I know we changed her life but she has repaid that to us a million times over by changing our life forever.

Maddy's Story

Maddy had been spotted at a pet shop & sold as a cute little white fluffy puppy, designed to be a lap dog and to live in a small inner city home. But Maddy's real heritage soon came to light, when she just didn't stop growing. Maddy was driving herself and those around her mad, barking & spinning constantly in a small backyard. It soon became apparent that Maddy was a Border Collie mix, and all her energy & intelligence just didn't fit into a small courtyard, so Maddy's owners surrendered her to a local pound. When Maddy's new family saw her on, they knew she was the one for them. Her owner, Serina, said, "I first saw Maddy online and she looked so sad. She was surrendered to the pound at the age of six months because she barked all the time. She was a Christmas puppy who spent her first six months in a small yard with nothing to do and being a working breed, she began to spin around in a tight circle and barked due to boredom. Serina & her family spoke to the rescue group and discovered that Maddy would be a great match. "Her foster parents brought her to our property to see what we could offer, and to see if she would get along with our other pets. We then found ourselves the proud owners of Maddy. We can't imagine life without her." As a result Maddy has become a central feature of the family - balanced & happy with all of her needs met. She spends her days running on acreage, swimming at the beach and comes home to snuggle up for all the cuddles she can take.

Molly & Charlie's Story

Molly The gorgeous Molly has now found her new home where she will be kept busy with three exuberant kids! Molly was spotted for adoption on PetRescue by the family, who were looking for an active dog who will love being out and about on family adventures. 'We love spending weekends away, camping and bush walking and wanted a dog who could enjoy these activities with us, when we saw Molly, we knew she was the one - I mean who could resist that face". Charlie Charlie's new home comes complete with big beagle brother! Having another beagle was the perfect preparation for Charlie's new owners who understand the demands of the breed and were completely prepared for another bundle of beagle energy to join their family.

Emily's Story

Emily is a lovely two year old Staffy who was abandoned at the pound. She was six weeks through her nine-week pregnancy and had been hit by a car, her injuries left unattended. Fortunately, Emily was saved and released into foster care where she gave birth to five bouncing babies! After her pups were weaned, Emily underwent 2.5 hour femoral head excision; surgery which allowed Emily to walk without pain and get back to her bouncy loving Staffy ways. After a full recovery, Emily was put up for adoption. Now Emily has moved from the city to a home by the sea were she enjoys the sunshine, beach walks and all the love and kindness that every dog deserves.

Tammy's Story

Tammy's new owners had thought that buying a puppy was their only option for getting their first dog, but after speaking to a friend, they decided to consider a rescue dog - and once they met Tammy, they knew they had found their perfect match! Tammy has proven herself to be a fantastic first dog, she is intelligent and active, but past the puppy stage and has fitted into her new family as though she was always there!

Venus's Story

Venus was spotted on and after contacting the volunteers at her shelter for more information, her new Dad was so convinced she was the perfect dog for him, he flew from Sydney to Melbourne to met her! Venus' Dad had been looking for a Jack Russell who was full of beans and able to cope with the rough and tumble play of his Staffy. It was a match made in Heaven! Venus has now moved to NSW and is loving every minute of her new life

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