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Cocker Spaniel - American


The Spaniel family is a large one, of considerable antiquity. There are two varieties of Cocker Spaniels – the English and the American. The American Cocker Spaniel is not a crossbred dog. It evolved in the US where breeders developed it from the English Cocker Spaniel to become the glamorous American type we see today. A pair of American Cocker Spaniels was brought into Australia during World War II.


The feisty American Cocker Spaniels usually lives to 12 years of age but can live up to 14 years when living in a caring home and fed the correct diet.


The American Cocker Spaniel has a typical gundog temperament, with a keenly developed sense of retrieving and while they are still used extensively in the US as gundogs, here in Australia they are primarily kept as companions. They are outgoing, friendly, and very sociable dogs. They make keen companions and are very good with children.


This breed adjusts readily to most pets.


American Cocker Spaniels require time and great care to bring their coat into full bloom. To achieve this frequent brushing and bathing is needed, or regular trips to the grooming parlour. This applies not only when they are puppies, but also for the life of the dog. While the American Cocker looks very elegant when in full coat, many pet owners keep their dogs in 'pet clip' – leaving the coat only about 5cm in length on the legs and stomach. This significantly reduces the tendency of the coat to knot, and makes bathing, drying and grooming much easier.

Please take note:
Although a small breed, the American Cocker still needs daily exercise. Digging holes in the garden can be a sign of boredom. Ideally this breed needs to be allowed off the leash to run free, providing it is safe to do so. Such free exercise periods should be well supervised, with the dog kept within calling distance at all times.


If you have decided that the American Cocker Spaniel is the dog for you and you are aware that this delightful animal requires at least weekly grooming then contact one of the groups listed below:

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